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Swix Roto Brush, Nylon
49,00 €
51,90 €
Sale 6%
In shop 1 pcs
39,95 €
In shop 8 pcs
Kellys Space 10 020
38,90 €
In shop 3 pcs
Shimano CN-6600 10sp
Bicycle chain
25,00 €
In shop more than 10

O ProCyclingu


"Our customer, our master" is not just an empty cliché for us, but a real philosophy. Since 2007 we have been striving for a professional and friendly approach. That's why our friends are our regular customers and many of our customers have become friends.
We have offer for everyone. From a novice to a triathlete, from the smallest cyclist to a renowned veteran. Of course there is a quality bicycle service, which we give for newly purchased bicycles up to three years in the price. We also offer the possibility of renting bicycles and saddles through the DiMA program.
In the winter months we do skiing, so we have a wide range of cross-country skis and ski equipment, including service.