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EAN: 8020775027714
Color: grey
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ELITE Crystal Ombra 750 ml
Cycling bottle

ELITE Crystal Ombra 750 ml
Color: grey
CRYSTAL OMBRA is a bottle made of totally transparent material. Its design, which optimises stability in the bottle cage, is one of the strong suits of this bottle, along with the cap technology and its new high liquid flow membrane system. The membrane cap ensures high liquid flow and no spillage whenever the system remains accidentally open. Liquid flow is calibrated based on the pressure exerted on the bottle. Another advantage of the membrane cap is that dust does not enter the bottle while cycling.

CRYSTAL OMBRA is made in K-Resin, a plastic material that features higher resistance to bacterial growth and is usually employed in the medical sector as it ensures the highest chemical purity level, absence of bacteria and hygiene.
  • material: K-Resin
  • 100% recyclable
  • BPA free
  • dishwasher safe
  • capacity: 750 ml
  • weight: 115 g
ELITE Crystal Ombra 750 ml
Color: greyELITE Crystal Ombra 750 ml
Color: yellow