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ELITE FLY 750 ml
Cycling bottle

ELITE FLY 750 ml
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FLY ELITE is one of the lightest sports bottle available worldwide. New, unique racing design, developed for great stability in the bottlecage and easy extraction while cycling. FLY ELITE's compact shape makes it easy to use with smaller frames. Standard diameter compatible with most bottlecages on the market. This bottle is manufactured using innovative, odorless, soft and resistant plastic materials, which is the result of a 3-year long study conducted with multiple universities research centers. 
  • ultra light (30% lighter than any other standard bottle )
  • made of odorless, soft and resistant plastic materials
  • unique racing design
  • compatible with most bottlecages on the market
  • food-safe according to EC and FDA provisions
  • BPA free
  • 100% recyclable
  • available in numerous colour variants for a perfect match with the frame of your bike
  • capacity: 750 ml
ELITE FLY 750 ml
Color: redELITE FLY 750 ml
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